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Court Appearances
We will continue your case to a later date to give us time to investigate and prepare for trial. Again, you will most likely not have to take time from work to go to court just to change the court date.

We will file documents with the court demanding that the state provide us with all of the evidence we are entitled to receive pursuant to the U.S. Constitution and Georgia statutory law.

After we receive the state's responses to discovery and obtain and view the video if one exists, we will re-evaluate your options and advise you with regard to them.

Depending on the facts of your case, we will file suppression motions to require the prosecution to prove in advance of trial that your constitutional and statutory rights were not violated, demanding that your case be dismissed and/or that the prosecution be ordered not to use evidence illegally obtained.

Trial Preparation
We will prepare to select a jury, request that the Court instruct them regarding the legal basis for certain defenses, and prepare to cross examine the states witnesses

If we have determined that you should testify at trial, we will prepare you to do so. We will subpoena your witnesses and prepare them to testify.

We will advocate on your behalf at trail and make an appeal if necessitated by the outcome.

If you retain us to represent you we will do the following on your behalf:

Initial Interview
We will discuss with you the circumstances of your arrest in detail and give you a preliminary assessment of your case.

Initial Investigation
We will obtain the incident report and the recording of your arrest and interview any witnesses that you may have.

License Suspension Hearing
We will mail out the 10 day letter to the Department of Driver Services to request a hearing and stop the automatic license suspension from occurring. Prior to the license suspension hearing, we will discuss your options and recommend a course of action to be followed at the hearing. We will appear on your behalf at the hearing. Typically, you will not need to take time from work to appear.