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Employment Discrimination Services
If you have been harassed, subjected to discrimination in the workplace, or have been terminated from your job you need relief.

You need to know if you have the right to reinstatement to your former position and if you can obtain lost wages and benefits.

You need to know what steps you need to take to protect your rights, and need to learn whether an employment attorney sees that the way you have been wronged gives rise to a viable legal claim.

If you have a good claim, you will need legal assistance.

You will need an experienced legal professional can guide you and your claim though the maze that makes up our legal system.

You will need advice regarding unemployment benefits and advice regarding the challenge of seeking a new position without a real reference from your former employer.

You will need a candid, frank appraisal of your options before you raise funds for legal expenses or divert your energies to what may be a lost cause.

An attorney with the Burnett Firm will discuss your options with you at no cost.

If we agree to represent you, we will do so for one-third of your gross recovery if no lawsuit is filed, 40% if suit is filed, and we do require that you pay expenses. which are usually minimal.

Atlanta Employment Law Attorney

The Burnett Firm serves the metro Atlanta area and all of North Georgia.

Russell Burnett has practiced employment law since 1989.

He is a member of both the Georgia and National Employment Lawyers Associations.